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A Noble and Great American Musician(Sam Casale 1996)

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15th December 1944

Glenn Miller left Twinwood Airfield on route to France

in a C64 Norseman and was never seen again.

His music never left us.

Glenn Miller's Birthday1st March 1904. Click on his image and connect to some reminders of his great music.




To those who loved the music of Glenn Miller and who enjoy reading about his life and the history of the period in which he lived and to the people who worked with him, his friends and to those who have contributed to these pages,

this site is dedicated.



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The New Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia



Announcement of Glenn Miller Missing December 24th 1944


The Modernaires




The New Glenn Miller Museum was open on at 4pm on June 10th 2010

Dear Pete,

Thank you for directing me to the new page describing Beryl.
Also, on behalf of the Miller family, Alan Cass and the University of Colorado,
we appreciate that you have thoughtfully posted our statement regarding
"The Glenn Miller Conspiracy"
on the Glenn Miller Trust web site. I have bookmarked the site for easy reference, and congratulate you on your efforts.

Warmest regards,

Dennis Spragg.

Glenn Miller Conspiracy.

New Book.



Seriously Flawed!





Click on arrow to read official statement from Glenn Miller Archives at the University of Colorado.


Glenn Miller Band In France 1944/45.

Untranslated but high quality film added of Glenn Miller Band and parade in High Wycombe. England July 1944


John Miller Talking in 2004


Twinwood Music Festival

 Part 1.

Glenn Miller and the AAF Orchestra 0n the 29th July 1944 at High Wycombe, England.

Part 2.

Glenn Miller Festival Clarinda 2006 Concert excerpt Tchailovsky's Piano Concerto .

More extracts to follow shortly.



VJ Day, Honolulu Hawaii, August 14, 1945 from Richard Sullivan on Vimeo.