Glenn Miller Trust  




After 62 years of publication, it is with great sadness I have to announce
that this will be the final issue of the 'Moonlight Serenader'. Recent
financial constraints have affected the Society's Bank Balance and, as a
result of the spiralling postage coupled with the cost of printing, we will
be unable to continue with future issues.

It is all the more poignant for us because our Society has been in existence
for so many years, spreading the gospel about the Glenn Miller music, and we
believe must be the the longest-serving popular music society.

Whilst the Miller Society was founded early in 1950, it was 'The Glenn
Miller Story' motion picture which trebled our membership and through our
regular London-based GM recitals - in excess of 250 - we were pleased to
meet so many members and were able to introduce a host of personalities
closely associated with the Glenn miller music.

We have obviously much appreciated your great support as a member of this
Society over many years - and for us it is regrettably the end of an era.

The Glenn Miller society will cease to exist but let us not forget we still
have the music to enjoy. And if we have brought an awareness of new
releases that are available we feel we have carried out our purpose.

I wish that I could have completed in the 'Moonlight Serenader' the
chronology of 'Miller's Service Band' but that is now not possible.

Yours sincerely

Roland Taylor

(GMS Chairman & 'Moonlight Serenader' Editor)

The Glenn Miller Trust, sister website to Big Band Buddies International

congratulates Roland Taylor and all past committee members for the wonderful

part they played in keeping alive the interest and loyalty for all Glenn Miller fans.

A sad day.


Thanks for making my life that much more interesting and happy.

Pete King

Editor Big Band Buddies International magazine