Thank You

Larry O'Brien,

Have a long and happy Retirment.


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Big Band Newsletter #088

Dear Fans:

Happy Summer and welcome back. Breaking news, but as some of you may already know, after almost 25 years as musical director of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Larry O'Brien has announced that he will retire at the end of this year. Larry and his wife Judy are moving to Hawaii! It is truly a gift that Larry has given traveling thousands of miles and performing In The Mood approximately 5750 times (46 weeks a year averaging 5 performances a week times 25 years). Yes, it could have been more! Many of you have known Larry for years and have seen him perform numerous times. To see him once more in his "farewell tour", please check the Glenn Miller Orchestra schedule to find a performance scheduled near you. It is also Larry's birthday July 15th. Happy Birthday!

Glenn Miller Productions, Inc. is in the process of selecting Larry's replacement and they hope to make that announcement no later than September 30th. You can be sure that Larry's replacement will be most qualified and will continue to lead a first class orchestra down the road starting January 2011.